Terms of Service

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    What You Can Expect Of Me

    Highest standard in customer service and audio quality

    - Prompt turnaround unless otherwise specified

    - Rates subject to change based on studio volume and project complexity (will inform)

    - Confidentiality of personal info and any email addresses

    - 100% refund if revisions/edits can't bring project to desired fidelity/sonic quality

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    What I Expect Of You

    Excellent studio/client relations and adherence to terms of service

    Opening a project with me indicates that you agree to the following:

    - Acknowledgement that you are legally allowed to engage in a business transaction

    - Reasonzone Audio cannot be sued or held responsible for any claims if I have performed the work you have paid for and delivered the content, whether it is in digital format or otherwise

    - If you aren't satisfied with my work, you agree that you either request revisions/edits until satisfied, or request a refund if a satisfactory end result cannot be reached

    - You agree to pay my rate in full before opening a project, or half of the project quote as a deposit if specified (for large projects or new clients that request this arrangement)

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    Other Conditions

    Miscellaneous things that make your project proceed smoothly

    - Ensure that your stems/multitrack is accurate before sending them/it in for a mixdown

    - Your mixes/masters may be used as examples of my work unless you request them not to be

    - Ensure that your stereo wave file is accurate before sending it in for a master

    - Export your files at their native sample rate

    - Understand that your files will only be hosted for 30 days after the completion of a project and receipt of said files

    - Revenue lost due to malicious or deceitful behavior will be pursued in a court of law. This could include sending in multiple files for free mastering samples under false names

    - Deposits on large projects are refundable by 50% within a week of opening the project, 25% within 2 weeks, and non-refundable after 3 weeks.